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2020-10-14 ML: add details for deployment, service, ingress and ingressDNSRecord

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......@@ -359,6 +359,8 @@ The main configuration are:
- **domain-filter**: will make ExternalDNS see only the zones matching provided domain;
- **policy**: are the permissions with which External DNS can operate on PowerDNS.
For more details see:
### Federate deployment
Now create the federated deployment (for this example we used a simple "Hello World" image):
......@@ -404,6 +406,8 @@ spec:
$ kubectl --context=<host-cluster-context> create -f resource/federated_deployment.yaml
In this way the deployment resource will create inside the member clusters and it will create the pods for your application or image. In the previous example we add the `overrides` field to increse the number of pods in the member-cluster-2.
### Federate service
Create the service for the "fed-helloworld" deployment:
......@@ -441,9 +445,11 @@ spec:
$ kubectl --context=<host-cluster-context> create -f resource/federated_service.yaml
This is a ClusterIP service, in this way the your application is not exposed and the service have a private cluster IP. Now it is necessary that the service is exposed by an ingress resource.
### Federate ingress
Now it is possible create the ingress resource for the fed-helloworld-service:
Create the ingress resource to expose the fed-helloworld-service:
# federated_ingress.yaml
......@@ -478,6 +484,8 @@ spec:
$ kubectl --context=<host-cluster-context> create -f resource/federated_ingress.yaml
In the "host" field the "<domain>" string must be the same that you insert in the "domain-filter" field for ExternalDNS configuration.
### List federated resources
If you want to show or describe the federated resource that have been propagated on the Member Cluster, you can run the follow command:
......@@ -510,3 +518,5 @@ spec:
$ kubectl --context=<host-cluster-context> create -f resource/ingressdnsrecord.yaml
The name of IngressDNSRecord must be the same of the ingress resource and the value in "hosts" field must matches the "host" field in the ingress configuration.
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