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......@@ -136,3 +136,26 @@ $ helm install kubefed-charts/kubefed --name kubefed --version=0.2.0-alpha.1 --n
**N.B.**: use the same version for client and server.
**N.B.**: in this way the Control Plane can find Federated resources in each namespace, to limit this action in a specific namespace add the parameter `--set global.scope=Namespaced`.
## Create the federation
To create a Kubernetes Federation it is necessary federate Member Clusters. Use the KubeFed `join` command:
$ kubefedctl join fed-cluster-member1 --cluster-context k8s-context-member1 --host-cluster-context k8s-context-host --v=2
$ kubefedctl join fed-cluster-member2 --cluster-context k8s-context-member2 --host-cluster-context k8s-context-host --v=2
Remove cluster to the federation, `unjoin` command:
$ kubefedctl unjoin fed-cluster-member1 --cluster-context k8s-context-member1 --host-cluster-context k8s-context-host --v=2
$ kubefedctl unjoin fed-cluster-member2 --cluster-context k8s-context-member2 --host-cluster-context k8s-context-host --v=2
Commando to show federated clusters:
$ kubectl -n kube-federation-system get kubefedclusters
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