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2020-11-03 ML: update Installation section with Helm v3

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......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ $ kubectl config use-context <context-name>
To install the KubeFed client run the following commands in your local machine:
$ VERSION=0.2.0-alpha.1
$ VERSION=<version>
$ OS=linux
$ ARCH=amd64
$ curl -LO${VERSION}/kubefedctl-${VERSION}-${OS}-${ARCH}.tgz
......@@ -94,46 +94,19 @@ $ chmod u+x kubefedctl
$ sudo mv kubefedctl /usr/local/bin/ # make sure the location is in the PATH
**N.B.**: the versions we tested are: 0.1.0-rc6 and 0.2.0-alpha.1, you can try the latest version.
To consult the available versions go to the page:
### KubeFed server (Control Plane)
To install the Controll Plane, switch to the host context and configuring the RBAC role for Tiller (in this case we use Helm v2):
Make sure you have selected the host cluster as the current context (if necessary, perform the context switch to move to it).
$ cat << EOF | kubectl apply -f -
apiVersion: v1
kind: ServiceAccount
name: tiller
namespace: kube-system
kind: ClusterRoleBinding
name: tiller
kind: ClusterRole
name: cluster-admin
- kind: ServiceAccount
name: tiller
namespace: kube-system
helm init command:
$ helm init --service-account tiller
Now it is possible install the Control Plane on the Host Cluster:
The Control Plane installation will be carried out through Helm v3, with the following commands the Control Plane will be installed through the KubeFed chart:
$ helm repo add kubefed-charts
$ helm install kubefed-charts/kubefed --name kubefed --version=0.2.0-alpha.1 --namespace kube-federation-system
$ helm repo list
$ helm search repo kubefed
$ helm --namespace kube-federation-system install -i kubefed kubefed-charts/kubefed --version=<version> --set controllermanager.featureGates.FederatedIngress=Enabled --set controllermanager.featureGates.CrossClusterServiceDiscovery=Enabled --create-namespace # version tested: 0.5.0
**N.B.**: use the same version for client and server.
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