Commit 9ea49a6a authored by Fulvio Galeazzi's avatar Fulvio Galeazzi
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2017-11-07: FG; Missing variable declarations.

parent 3258fb01
......@@ -70,7 +70,8 @@ chomp $_sudo;
### Options
our($opt_exec, $opt_become, $opt_cluster, $opt_user, $opt_keyring, $opt_monhost,
$opt_status, $opt_object_degraded, $opt_object_misplaced, $opt_fraction, $opt_full, $opt_nearfull, $opt_filter, $opt_debug, $opt_h);
$opt_status, $opt_slow_osd, $opt_slow_req, $opt_object_degraded, $opt_object_misplaced,
$opt_fraction, $opt_full, $opt_nearfull, $opt_filter, $opt_debug, $opt_h);
if (@ARGV > 0) {
"b" =>\$opt_become,
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