Commit cad24136 authored by Fulvio Galeazzi's avatar Fulvio Galeazzi
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2018-02-28: FG; Dell userparameter, added placeholder for options specific to discovery script.

parent 6f9b97fe
UserParameter=custom.dellmd38xx.array.discovery[*],/etc/zabbix/scripts/ $1
UserParameter=custom.dellmd38xx.array.discovery[*],/etc/zabbix/scripts/ $1 $2
UserParameter=custom.dellmd38xx.array.exec[*],/etc/zabbix/scripts/ $1 --raid $2
UserParameter=custom.dellmd38xx.device.discovery[*],/etc/zabbix/scripts/ $1 --devices
UserParameter=custom.dellmd38xx.device.discovery[*],/etc/zabbix/scripts/ $1 $2 --devices
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