1. 08 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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  7. 11 Jul, 2018 2 commits
    • Ryan Beisner's avatar
      Update series metadata · 6ff4ff9d
      Ryan Beisner authored
      Ensure that EOL releases are removed from metadata
      and tests, and that the current dev release is enabled
      in metadata.  Dev release tests are enabled separately
      because of chickens and eggs.
      Change-Id: I7fc1db909aa2059f039a09b694c1058322883f4a
    • Zuul's avatar
      Merge "Add py36 testenv" · 5bada525
      Zuul authored
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  14. 12 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Frode Nordahl's avatar
      Remove support for PKI tokens and legacy charm managed certificates · 17b24e7f
      Frode Nordahl authored
      These features are disabled by default, a majority of our
      users provide certificates through configuration.
      At present the cluster relation carries information required
      for these features even when they are not enabled. This makes
      processing of cluster relation changes unnecessarily heavy
      and vulnerable to bugs.
      Notice of deprecation and removal in next release was given
      as part of the 18.05 release notes.
      Change-Id: I8b07c7e0d5c2c623c115c83dc8aff230b554a986
      Closes-Bug: #1755897
      Related-Bug: #1744990
  15. 06 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Frode Nordahl's avatar
      Update policy.json for Queens · 24434793
      Frode Nordahl authored
      Source: 166eced28b15335f816134806bf5bb6b50c222cd
      Remove v2 section from template as Queens is v3 only.
      Change-Id: Ic2b1215421ad870096fab7e1aee1f7604c1892a2
      Closes-Bug: #1774716
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  21. 11 May, 2018 4 commits
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      Merge "Sync charm-helpers" · dc5ccac4
      Zuul authored
    • Dmitrii Shcherbakov's avatar
      add support for Federated IDentity (FID) and WebSSO · 6f3751cc
      Dmitrii Shcherbakov authored
      * add support for relating with subordinate charms providing Service
      Provider functionality via apache2 authentication modules;
      * enable additional authentication methods on the keystone side to
      accept parsed assertion data provided via apache2 authentication module
      variables exported to WSGI environment;
      * move https frontend and WSGI API apache config files to keystone
      instead of relying on charm-helpers as modifications are needed there to
      add IncludeOptional directives. openstack_https_frontend.conf is added
      on purpose as ServerName cannot be correctly determined after ProxyPass
      which results in TLS errors during SAML exchange process;
      * add an additional relation to openstack-dashboard to provide URL
      information necessary to trust 'origin' parameter in WebSSO URLs used by
      horizon during the authentication process. Also add a context to render
      the federation section that is used to render this information in
      Subordinates can choose to use different apache2 authentication modules.
      If those modules support vhost-level variables then multiple
      subordinates for the same module can be used. For example,
      mod_auth_mellon can be used multiple times in different vhosts to
      protect federated token endpoints related to different identity provider
      and protocol combinations).
      Trusted dashboard relation could be used to provide dashboard origin URL
      from a different site via cross-model relations.
      NOTE: this functionality will be triggered only on Ocata+ (inclusive)
      Change-Id: I1ef623b0b0e2a9f68cec4be550965c5e15e5f561
    • Felipe Reyes's avatar
      Sync charm-helpers · 0e9020bd
      Felipe Reyes authored
      Retry keystone_wait_for_propagation() on exception.
      Closes-Bug: #1668954
      Change-Id: I5e5689dbd5cd974b11e017b6d0f06575cabcceb2
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  22. 10 May, 2018 2 commits
    • David Ames's avatar
      Re sync charm-helpers · 97e21855
      David Ames authored
      There was a mid-air collision with charm helpers syncs. The critical
      piece is the removal of a second stats socket line from the haproxy
      templates which breaks on trusty.
      All other amulet tests that include keystone will fail on trusty until
      this is landed.
      Change-Id: Ide3b7cbda238b9a7b93f0625c21d43335bc10e81
    • Neiloy Mukerjee's avatar
      Document archive key usage for openstack-origin · 329c2c88
      Neiloy Mukerjee authored
      An arbitarary repository can currently be specified, but it was not yet
      made clear in the documentation that a corresponding public key for
      accessing this repository could be added. This change specifies that
      under the description for the openstack-origin option. Public key can
      be added by appending to the deb url, so the below example would work:
      juju set openstack-origin nova-compute openstack-origin="deb http://ppa
      .launchpad.net/billy-olsen/testfix-kilo/ubuntu vivid main|FA0FD8E1"
      Change-Id: I262a2164d4f7b37b4185bdee650371de7be50a55
      Closes-Bug: 1503440